"Poetry & Rhymes" by William Hancock


“Today Is A Dream”

Today Is A Dream

“Today Is A Dream” ( Tomorrow? )


It’s Something Tomorrow We’ll Forge;
Today, It’s Here,
Tomorrow Is Gone,
And Yesterday,. . . “Has Only Begun!”

Love Is Really A Dream,
Wishful Thinking Of The Heart,
Something If We Try Hard Enough Is Real!

I’ve Loved,
I’ve Dreamed And Lost,
I’d Never Give It Up For Anything!

To Feel The Things I’ve Felt,
To Dream The Dreams I’ve Dreamed,
To Be With That Someone That Made Me Alive!

Tomorrow Is Still Yet To Be,
Something Waiting Inside Of Us,
To Come Alive With Every Breath,
A Dance Yet Not Danced,. . . “Or Yet Felt!”

To Feel Is.. . . . .

Capture Cynthia Gail Lewis-Hancock [ 6/1/1955 – 10/20/2012 ]


William Hancock – 2013′ © All Rights Reserved

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