"Poetry & Rhymes" by William Hancock


“The Human Race,.. .”

Lord Hancock

Is The World Around Us What It Seems To Be?
It’s Definitely Not What We Were Brought Up To Believe.
It May Have Been At One Time, Or Was It?!

Our Country Was Formed By Dreamers,
Who Had All The Best Intentions Of Heart,
They Believed In A Better World!

They Had No Idea,.. .
That Their Children’s Children Would Change All That,
Would Destroy All They Had Worked So Hard To Bring Together.

We Are A Horrible Bunch,
All We Care About Is Ourselves,
We Don’t Care About No One Or Thing,
Unless There’s Something In It For Us!

The Human Race,.. .
From The Beginning Of Time,
Has Done Nothing But Destroy, Murder And Plunder!

We Are A Disease That Grows On This Planet,
Like A Cancer Spreading Out Devouring Everything In It’s Path,
We Kill And Take From Each Other Like It’s Some Kind Of Sport!

Yes, Some Of Us,.. .
Have Opened Our Hearts Enough To Experience Love,
Without Some Personal Gain!

To Have Experienced The Inner Heart Of Another Human Being,
To Have Tasted Life,.. .
. . . .. And It’s Joy!

The World We Live In,.. .
. .. Is A Temporary Thing,.. .
. . . .. Is An Illusion Of Our Making!

William Hancock © All Rights Reserved

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