"Poetry & Rhymes" by William Hancock




Jeepers, Creepers,
Don’t you just love those Peepers.

They sneak around at night,
Hiding in your bushes.
Just below your window,
Waiting to catch a peek.

Oh God what a fright,
Giving you those smooches.
He’s not playing Nintendo,
That nasty little freak.

Jeebers, Geebers,
Always wearing those Sneakers.

He’s always out there roaming,
Looking for those places.
Hiding with a grin,
Playing trick or treat.

Moaning and a groaning,
Making such strange faces.
Hoping you don’t see him,
And chase him down the street.

Jeezers, Weepers,
Hey! There goes one now!


William Hancock © All Rights Reserved

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