"Poetry & Rhymes" by William Hancock


“Satan’s Snack!”

''Satan's Snack!''

He sits up on high,
Where all the demons abide,
Just listening to our lies,
Waiting for the day, our time to die.

He’s the spoiler of the earth,
The keeper of Hell,
With a hunger and thirst,
Waiting for your soul as you fell.

He shines like the light,
He’s the bringer of pleasures,
And his smile is such a site,
Giving us all the earthly treasures.

Lurking in the night,
Waiting in the shadows,
For when the time is right,
He’ll take you to Hell’s gallous.

So make no mistake,
With a smile, he deceives,
It’s all in the take,
Tricking you so you believe.

Your skin is for peeling,
Your heart for him a snack,
In hopes, you are pleading,
When he finally sticks you thru the back.

You think you can join him,
Don’t get it so wrong,
Never will you be beside them,
Except when you’re just meat for their prongs.

Hell is evils paradise,
A hole in the universe,
Where souls are forever sacrificed,
With endless torments and thirst.

A place of outer darkness,
Of weeping and gnashing teeth,
Punished souls now left heartless,
As Satan snacks on such a treat.

The best flavor Satan savors,
Is when your empty soul is laid waste!

William Hancock © All Rights Reserved


[ Image used:  www.morguefile.com/archive/display/623256 ]

Poem on Image:  placed by; written by  William Hancock © 2014′

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