"Poetry & Rhymes" by William Hancock


“The Darkness”

''The Darkness''

As the day passed, and the sun went down,
Waiting for all the stars to shine;
How quiet it was as night arrived,
The only sound was mine.. .

A growing mist,
A tree, it twists,
An aching wrist,
As I clench my fist.

A glowing eye,
It’s telling lies,
No reason why,
As I pass it by.

A groaning man,
He raised his hands,
Preaching of land,
And some dirty sand.

Where’s the stars, that should have shined,
Where is the moon this night?
All I see is darkness around,
Nothing here seems right.. .

A withered dock,
Some broken blocks,
A half sunk yacht,
Sits on a rock.

A feathered clown,
Is feeding hounds,
He spies the town,
With a mean ol’ frown.

Approaching cold,
And screaming souls,
A sound so old,
As the stories told.

What is all this, this strangeness I see,
Where are the cars on the street?
Is this a dream or something worse,
Evil from in Hell’s deep.. .

I close my eyes,.. . and.. .

William Hancock © All Rights Reserved


[ Image used:  www.morguefile.com/archive/display/744691 ]

Poem on Image:  placed by; written by  William Hancock © 2014′

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