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“As Shadows Fall”

As Shadows Fall

As the shadows fall,
And our time grows near,
Rejoice in it all,
And have no fear.
For it’s home that calls,
Those shadows we hear.

We’ve fallen from grace,
To be reprieved in life,
A chance to save face,
Through tribulation and strife.
Try not to lay waste,
This chance given twice.

This life is not home,
But a place to see,
Of the seeds we’ve sown,
And for whom we’ve pleased.
Our chance, if not blown,
To the heavens we‘ll be.

As the stars grow bright,
And open their womb,
Lighting up the night,
For they shine not for whom.
But for those who’ve stood right,
And strong through the gloom.

Time is but a speck,
In the existence of it all,
Like the dust on a deck,
Or an atom, so very small.
Pray life was well spent,
. . . .. As the shadows begin to fall.. . . .

William Hancock © All Rights Reserved


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“Only Borrowed”

Only Borrowed

Time is so distant,
Not in the future, but now.
You cry for this instance,
But why, you know not how.

It’s sad your whimpering,
Your crying, so much deferent.
For me, life is movement,
A door to an entrance.

A beginning of a sort,
Something you can’t clue.
When our time comes,
And it will, just don‘t be blue.

We write, we sing,
We live like no tomorrow.
But we lost life’s meaning,
Our time only borrowed.

Whispering our songs,
In sounds never heard.
Sweet melody we hear,
Like the song of a bird.

The Lord, he awaits,
To hold us in his arms.
Behind heaven’s gates,
And all it’s charms.

William Hancock © All Rights Reserved

“The Awe of It All”.. . . . .

The Awe of It All (Lined)

We Are Not ‘This’ Creature,
This Thing We See Before Us.
We Are ‘That’ That’s From Within,
As One With The Universe.

We Are Not That We Are,
But,.. . . .
‘That’ We Have Always Been.


William Hancock © All Rights Reserved