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the “Parasites”

the "Parasites"

They came with their politics,

Their money, their greed,

Stealing from the poor,

On countries to feed.


The world, their game board,

And we, the playing pieces,

Just sacrificial pawns,

For the few, the one.


They hide behind bullshit,

Spread by their sycophants,

Flaunting their privilege,

This class of psychopaths.


Society their blood vessel,

They latch on and suck,

“The ultimate parasite,”

The people just grunt.


Taxes and credit,

Bailouts and more,

Kickbacks and bribes,

Economy through the floor.


Never is enough,

An unsatisfied hunger,

Our democracy’s decayed,

The world to their plunder.


Hear the war mongers?

They scream for the elite,

“Our parasites are hungry,”

From one and all, shall eat.


William Hancock © All Rights Reserved


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Poem on Image:  placed by; written by  William Hancock © 2015′

“Are Those ‘Your’ Toes In “My’ Shoes?”

''Are Those 'Your' Toes In My Shoes''How do you do it,
Convince yourself how all this is;
The minding of someone else’s flag ship,
Like its really any and all your biz?

I’m glad you find me interesting, a dedicated fan,
For you to always be there, and truly really like;
Whether it’s all sunny out or even in pouring rain,
There you are, all over me, up and in my life.

Have you ever thought of some kind of hobby,
Something to fill in your days, and all that spare time?
It’s not as entertaining as the doing me and gawking,
Hey! ‘My’ shoes?! Are those ‘your’ toes, or mine I feel???

Yeah, you bet yah, I’m over here doing something,
Your Memo?? I’m sorry, I must have forgot to send ?!
But hey, you already knew that, from all your stalking,
You even know more than all my friends!

Try getting online, find stuff, stuff to do, like a game,.. .
Write a book, or try a poem, and of course all about me!
Or just build away, tear it up, maybe make a picture frame,
Some gardening, painting, anything but a trolling fend.

If I could, and really should, ‘Make a wish just for you‘,
Just a ‘You Wish‘, all for you, like maybe,.. . ‘Get A Life!’
Quit minding me, watch TV, do a puzzle, fix your hair,
Hey! Why don’t you, if you have one, go ‘Mind Your Wife!’

Get a hint, you troll, you peeper, your nosy, and busying,
I’m tired of always seeing you, everywhere I look, ‘you‘;
Always up in my business, more than me, I seem to think,
There’s your head, everywhere, those nosy eyes, that ear!

“You Be Careful Now!”.. .☺. .. Neighbor!!!

William Hancock © All Rights Reserved